Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday's snapshot

we began our week by practicing the correct formation of #7.

William brought his favorite snack to share with us!

only one student hadn't scarfed their honey bun down so I only got one pic :(

today was the final day for shared reading time using Birthdays by Joy Cowley.
on the final day, the students make a book about the book of the week.
they are the authors and the illustrators!

we will be using Kraft Bunnymallows to sort, graph, and analyze data this week.
today the students sorted their bunnymallows by color and graphed the number of each color.
click {here} to get the free printable from Kids Count 1234!

Miss Adrienne gave us a cookie cake today for taking care of her hard-headed self last week when she was sick :D

Sucarnochee Festival this weekend

Monday, April 14, 2014

Thursday and Friday's snapshot

we started the morning by learning the correct formation of #6.

in large group we discussed how food garbage decomposes, composting bins, and how after food garbage decomposes it becomes soil.

we then watched a time lapse video of watermelon rotting to help students better understand decomposing.
click below to watch a watermelon decompose. :D

Friday, the students practiced #6 on the smartboard. each sample was printed for portfolios.

the students also went to the Room of Discovery or ROD with Ms. Annie.
they went over the proportion guides for what a healthy plate of food should look like. they discussed examples of each food group, and then the students cut out healthy foods from magazines and categorized them into the appropriate food group bags. these magazine cut-outs will be used during their activities for SWAP on Tuesday.

we enjoyed the beautiful weather both Thursday and Friday afternoon.
Ms. Brooke and I always enjoy facepainting.
check out these masterpieces ;)

3rd Annual Recycled Art Fair

3rd Annual UWA Campus School
Recycled Art Show
-       Start saving your trash! Get creative and find a way to make art out of your trash!
-       Students will display their art at our Recycled Art Show on Tuesday, April 29th 
-       We will be talking about this at school, but the project needs to be completed at home.
-       Get started now on this fun and educational project with your child!
-       Let Ms. Annie know if you have any questions.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesday's snapshot

Archie brought in his favorite snack to share with his friends today!

we revisited I Stink! and stopped on the Alphabet Soup pages to discuss if each item could be trashed, composted, or recycled.
then the students made up their own recipe for Trash Soup! yuck!

banana peels 


poop :D 


dirty shoes 

animal crackers 


and apple peels. 

in limited centers, the students played a Recycling Roundup game on National Geographic Kids .
they had to click on a piece of trash and put it in the recycling, compost, or trash bin.

they also sorted plastic, paper, glass, and aluminum in the science center...

and wrote in their journals.
If you had a garden, how would you get earthworms to come and live there?