Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt and Party this Friday!

We will be hunting eggs this Friday, April 18th @ 1:30 pm. The following people have signed up to bring supplies for our Egg Day party which is Friday, April 18th @ 2:00 pm. Each student will also need to bring 10 plastic eggs filled with wrapped candy and a basket. Let me or Ms. Annie know if you have any questions!


Mr. Bowen taught us new Chinese this morning. The students learned how to say thank you to mama, daddy, and teacher.

we had this month's SWAP (Stations With a Purpose).
this month's focus was on food and making healthy choices.

the students first stop was at the Campus School Snack Shop.
the students listened to Jamberry being read to them.

the students then discussed healthy snacks and what each student brought for snack that day.
the students looked at the menu and discussed the healthiness of each food.

then healthy and unhealthy foods were graphed...

and healthy snacks were eaten. the students chose from fruit kabobs, fruit and yogurt, and fruit, graham crackers, and cool whip.

our next stop was Smoothie Station.

the student recalled what they had for breakfast and discussed kiwi, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries.

the color and texture of the fruits were discussed and whether or not the fruit had seeds.

the students also discussed the benefits of milk and then chose the flavor of smoothie they wanted to try!

the students next stop was the Healthy Snack station.
they listened to Huggles' Breakfast being read aloud.

they then brainstormed healthy and unhealthy foods.

the students were able to try a bagel pizza...

banana dippers (banana, peanut butter, and raisins)...

and mixed fruit.

our last station was the Food Groups stations.
the students got to dance to Food Groups Are Rocking Tonight!

a picture of a food was held up for the students. if the food was healthy, the students gave a thumbs up.

and if the food was unhealthy, the students gave a thumbs down.

the students also learned the size of each food group that should be on their plates.

the students then made place mats using the foods cut out with Ms. Annie in ROD last week.

after swap, the students practiced the formation of #7 with play-dough...

and in limited centers, the students compared graphs and answered questions...

played Recycle on Primary Games...

began working on our class recycling symbol collage class project...

and played our kite number recognition and counting game.

we also had Parent Night which was open to the public for parents and future parents to come in and see what we do here at the Campus School. Dr. Pendergrass' students set up booths full of information and pictures. Dr. Minear's class showed what they did during SWAP this morning.
we had an awesome turn out!